Sculpture Advisory Committee

Bylaws: Land Use Bylaw, CS92-68,
Resolution of Council: 1999 November 29, N99-33
Terms of Reference:
Under the mandate of the Land Use Bylaw, the S-A-C is appointed to advise planners on visual arts issues arising under the B-12 bonus allowance of the bylaw.
1 Professional Sculptor
1 Art Dealer
2 Visual Artists
1 Architect
1 Public Member
3 years
As required
Day ..
Time ..
Location ..
Resource Staff:
Mr. Darryl Cariou, Heritage Planner
PO Box 2100 Station M
Calgary, AB, T2P3M5

Recording Secretary:
Reports To:
The Administration provides the names for membership to the Sculpture Advisory Committee for confirmation by Council at the annual Organizational Meeting.

Member Term First Appointed Expiry Date Phone Number Mailing Address
Mr. Gordon Ferguson, Professional Sculptor 1999 2005
Mr. Paul Kuhn, Art Dealer 1999 2005
Dr. John Lacey, Public Member 2002 2005
Ms. Audrey Mabee, Visual Artist 1999 2005
Mr. Don Stewart, Architect - Chair 1999 2005
Vacant, Visual Arts Instructor