Advisory Committee on Accessibility

Resolution of Council: 1999 May 03, 1999 September 13, 2000 January 24, (C2001-72) 2001 October 22, (N2003-14) 2003 April 07 & 08, (APA2003-27) 2003 June 03
Terms of Reference:
To review and make recommendations to City Council through the S.P.C. on Community and Protective Services on policy issues, the accessibility of municipal properties, information and services for people with disabilities, and to be a resource to City Council and City Administration in addressing accessibility issues.
6 Members with disabilities representing a range of people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities
1 Member representing the seniors community
3 Citizen at large members who may or may not have a disability, but who are interested in access issues
3 Members of City Administration (e.g., Community & Neighbourhood Services, Development and Building Approvals, and Calgary Transit)
3 year term - staggered
Day .. 3rd Thursday
Time .. 4:30 p.m.
Location .. Legal Traditions Committee Room
Fourth Floor, City Hall
Resource Staff:
Constable Martin Cull, Calgary Police Service

Mr. Derek Cook, Research Social Planner, Policy Planning, Community Strategies

Recording Secretary:
Reports To:
SPC on Community and Protective Services or other appropriate SPC's

Member Term First Appointed Expiry Date Phone Number Mailing Address
Ms. Brenda Aries, Member with a Disability 1999 2006
Ms. Darlene Boyes, Community & Neighbourhood Services, (Voting) 2001 2004 268-2026 City of Calgary PO Box 2100 Station M, T2P 2M5
Ms. Betty Evans, Senior 2002 2005
Mr. Kent Hehr, Member with a Disability 1999 2004
Ms. Charlotte Johansen, Member with a Disability 2002 2004
Ms. Jeanne Limacher, Citizen-at-large, Vice-Chair 2001 2005
Mr. Edward McCulloch, Citizen-at-large 2001 2004
Mr. Glenn Murphy, Member with a Disability 2003 2004
Mr. Chuck Perry, Planning, Development & Assessment, (Voting) 2002 2004
Mrs. Nell J. Pettit, Citizen-at-large 2003 2006
Ms. Joy Reneker, Calgary Transit Rep. (voting) 2004 2004
Ms. Rhonda Rowan, Member with a Disability 1999 2006
Mr. Gil Van Elslande, Chair, Member with a Disability 2001 2005